Deal with a local team in South Africa.

Repair Bitmain ASICs

Taylor Technology has technicians that were trained and certified by Bitmain to repair AntMiners. We work on a success-only basis, which means we will only charge for the return of a working hash board. We normally charge 10% of a replacement hashboard cost for a basic repair needing up to one replacement chip, but we must quote on every board as each situation is different.

Buy New ASICs

Taylor Technology can facilitate the acquisition of ASIC miners for anyone in South Africa. Please contact us for current availability and price lists.

Bitcoin Mines

We have experience setting up several crypto mining operations in South Africa. We are able to consult or fully implement and manage bitcoin mining centers for large customers.

My Antminer stopped hashing, and I considered it scrap. Thankfully I sent it to Taylor Tech to check, and they actually fixed it. No one else in South Africa had any clue what to do.

Xavier Rozen

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